Top 15 Helicopter Model Cost Ideas

Helicopters are fascinating machinery with a lot of utilization. From tourism to rescue operations, a helicopter can do almost anything and reach anywhere. Helicopters can do it all. So, wondering how much does a helicopter cost is quite normal.

The answer can be quite vague when discussing a helicopter’s cost. Additionally, we cannot give you a certain number and say that this is the definitive cost of a helicopter because it depends on various factors such as its purpose of utilization, size, and features.

For example, a small helicopter designed for recreation will cost anywhere from $200,000 to $500,000. On the other hand, a bigger helicopter, mainly used by the military or for commercial purposes, can even cost millions. So, it depends on the helicopter you are willing to invest in.

Further, it is also important to know that the maintenance and total operational costs also add to the expenses you spend on a helicopter. Although the cost may not be at first while you pay for it, it will add up.

So, to clear up all your confusion, we have developed a comprehensive article to answer your burning question: how much does a helicopter cost? Please read this article to learn about the helicopter models and their varying prices.

Guimbal Cabri G2 Helicopter

Guimbal Cabri G2 Helicopter

The Guimbal Cabri G2 Helicopter is a stunning helicopter with a two-seat and three blades. The seats in this lightweight helicopter are side by side, often seated by a pilot and the other by the passenger. However, the Guimbal Cabri G2 Helicopter makes an excellent training helicopter because of its side-by-side seats.

Further, the Guimbal Cabri G2 Helicopter has pre-installed dual flight controls, which are removable. Did you know that the passenger seat in this helicopter is removable too?

Yes, you can remove the passenger seat to make room for cargo.

In addition, it already has a 200-liter baggage compartment, leather seating, power sockets within the main cabin, and incidental under-seat storage. So, storage is fine in this helicopter.

Also, this helicopter boasts a remote-controlled door that can be opened and closed easily. Talking about its engine, it has a 180 hp (134 kW) Lycoming O-360 piston engine. Finally, the Guimbal Cabri G2 Helicopter is based on the Electronic Pilot Management (EPM) system.

Now, let us look at its price. The price of a new Guimbal Cabri G2 Helicopter is 385,000 USD, while the price of a used one will cost anywhere from 250,000 USD to 360,000 USD.

Robinson R44 Raven II Helicopter

Robinson R44 Raven II Helicopter

With a cabin volume of 46 cubic feet and cabin height, width, and length of 4 X 4 X 6 feet, the Robinson R44 Raven II latest price is 465,000 USD. A total of three passengers can travel in it, and its range is 251 miles. Also, it falls under the rotorcraft category.

Airbus Helicopters H125 Helicopter

The Airbus Helicopters H125 are used for emergency medical services, passenger transport, and other private needs. They are single-engined and fall under the rotorcraft category. They have a cabin volume of 105.94 cubic feet and can support six passengers excluding one or two pilots.

Airbus Helicopters H125 are high-performance helicopters with high endurance lasting 4.5 hours and have a standard fuel tank. Their new price is 2.9 million USD.

Bell 407 Helicopter

Bell 407 Helicopter

Whenever we are asked how much does a helicopter cost, we need to talk about the stunning Bell 407 Helicopter.

With a staggering cost of 2.6 million USD, the Bell 407 is a single-engine helicopter with four blades. It has precise flight pulse lite, a high-tech display, an IFR capable of easily navigating the sky, and a powerful dual-channel FADEC engine.

Its cabin volume is 100 cubic feet, and can seat six passengers easily.

Agusta A109S Grand Turbine Helicopter

The Agusta A109S Grand Turbine Helicopter has amazing capacity and power. It also has all the comforts and benefits of the A109 helicopter models and product range. If you want range, speed, sophistication, and capacity, invest in the gorgeous Agusta A109S Grand Turbine Helicopter.

The 2005 Agusta A109S Grand Turbine Helicopter model costs 1.80 million USD, while the 2011 model costs 4 million USD. These prices are the current prices of this model of helicopter and are dynamic. So, the prices may change over time.

Sikorsky S-76C++ Turbine Helicopter

The Sikorsky S-76C++ Turbine Helicopter boasts a cabin volume of 205 cubic feet and an Arriel 2S2 engine. Furthermore, the cabin’s length, width, and height are 8.75 X 6.25 X 4.50 feet. It can hold two crew and passengers.

It has a very powerful aircraft, and if you are looking for a medium-sized platform with a VIP/corporate role, buying the Sikorsky S-76C++ Turbine Helicopter would be a wise choice.

Also, it is important to know that Sikorsky is one of the safest helicopters out there. Pilots can chill while flying this helicopter because it has reduced pilot workload technology, and you can use it for any mission you might need.

The 2006 Sikorsky S-76C++ Turbine Helicopter model costs 3.5 million USD, and the 2012 model costs 6.8 million USD.

Eurocopter EC135 Helicopter

Eurocopter EC135 Helicopter

The cabin length, width, and height of the Eurocopter EC135 Helicopter is 11.48 X 4.92 X 4.13 feet. Its fuel tank capacity is 708 liters and it has a baggage volume of 39 cubic feet. In addition, the engine of this beautiful helicopter is a 2x Turbomeca Arrius 2B2 Turboshaft with 633 horsepower.

Furthermore, the Eurocopter EC135 Helicopter is known for its adaptability and is used for almost any mission. It also has four blades and no bearings.

The latest price of the Eurocopter EC135 Helicopter is 3.9 million USD. Also, this helicopter boasts a twin-engine, is incredibly lightweight, and is manufactured by the world-famous helicopter manufacturer Eurocopter now known as Airbus Helicopters.

Boeing CH-47 Chinook Helicopter

Boeing CH-47 Chinook Helicopter

In our list of how much does a helicopter cost we have the next helicopter, namely, the Boeing CH-47 Chinook Helicopter. This helicopter costs 32 million USD, and it is manufactured in the United States of America. The avionics of this helicopter is Rockwell Collins Avionics.

Talking about the performance of the Boeing CH-47 Chinook Helicopter, has a 4,733 horsepower, and its engine is 2 X Honeywell 55-GA-714A. They have a travel range of 741 Kilometers.

The fuel tank capacity of the Boeing CH-47 Chinook Helicopter is 3,914 liters. Furthermore, the helicopter’s cabin length, width, and height are 30.51 X 7.51 X 6.50 feet.

AgustaWestland AW139 Helicopter

Did you know that the famous AgustaWestland AW139 helicopter is now popularly known as Leonardo AW139?

Yes, the AgustaWestland AW139 is a medium-sized helicopter with fifteen seats in total. Also, it is a multi-engined helicopter. It can be used for anything from firefighting to rescue operations and military use.

Further, the AgustaWestland AW139 helicopter has five blades and retractable tricycle landing gear. Two pilots fly it, and it has two FADEC-controlled Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6C turboshaft engines. The good thing about this helicopter is that it has an extended lifecycle.

Additionally, the cockpit of the AgustaWestland AW139 helicopter has four LCD screens for easy use and access. It has two front seats and twelve rear seats. The estimated price range of the helicopter is 11 million USD. However, a used one can be bought in the range of 5 to 10 million USD.

Sikorsky S-92 Helicopter

The Sikorsky S-92 helicopter is another stunning helicopter. Its retail price is around 11 million USD. Furthermore, the used one will cost 5 million USD to 10 million USD. Also, it has a multi-engine and medium-lift.

Did you know the Sikorsky S-92 helicopter was developed from the Sikorsky S-70 helicopter?

Yes, since the Sikorsky S-92 helicopter is developed from the Sikorsky S-70 helicopter, it has similar rotor systems and flight control.

Also, the H-92 Superhawk is the military version of the Sikorsky S-92 helicopter. It has twin GE CT7-8A turboshaft engines, and its airframe is made of aluminum. It has four blades and an active vibration control system.

Finally, the Sikorsky S-92 helicopter has engine burst containment, flaw tolerance, and bird strike capability.

Bell 206 B3 Helicopter

One of the most famous light helicopters, the Bell 206 B3 helicopter, is a helicopter model that has to be on our how much does a helicopter cost list. This helicopter has a single turbine engine and can be operated by a single pilot.

The Bell 206 B3 helicopter is known to be a light helicopter that can fit an additional three passengers excluding the pilot. Its normal cruising speed is 120 MPH which is, however, approximate. You do not need to refuel this helicopter while refueling constantly. It can be flown for a staggering two hours and forty minutes before you refuel it.

Furthermore, the Bell 206 B3 helicopter’s pilot seat is located on the right side, forward of the helicopter. You can fit up to 250 pounds of cargo in the cargo holding compartment located in the passenger compartment of the helicopter.

This helicopter’s production ended in 2010, but you can buy a pre-owned Bell 206 B3 helicopter for 610,000 USD.

Canadian Home Rotors Safari Helicopter

Canadian Home Rotors Safari Helicopter

The Canadian Home Rotors Safari Helicopter is a famous kit helicopter. It can also be a small-scale version of the Bell 47 helicopter. Further, this helicopter is a two-seater and has a 150-horsepower Lycoming engine.

Did you know the Canadian Home Rotors Safari Helicopter was previously known as Baby Belle?

Yes, this one of a kind was first called Baby Belle and later changed into Safari in 1999. It is also a two blade helicopter and has dual controls.

The Canadian Home Rotors Safari Helicopter in the standard kit version without an engine will cost around 48,500 USD, while the same helicopter with a Lycoming O-320-B2B engine will cost around 69,900 USD.

Mosquito Aviation XE Helicopter

With an interesting name, the Mosquito Aviation XE Helicopter is ultralightweight. The entire framework of the helicopter is made with high-quality fiberglass and has a vinyl-ester matrix. Further, the Mosquito Aviation XE Helicopter has Compact Radial Engines MZ202, which has been used in almost all the Mosquito helicopters.

The Mosquito Aviation XE Helicopter’s rotor, control, and power systems are the same as the open versions of the Mosquito helicopters. However, there might be slight modifications. This gorgeous helicopter’s ready-to-fly kit starts from 32,000 USD, but this price is also the same for other variations.

The price of 32,000 USD is an amazing cost considering the features and the ultralightweight condition of the Mosquito Aviation XE Helicopter. If you want a small, affordable helicopter, then the Mosquito Aviation XE Helicopter would be perfect for you.

MD 500E Helicopter

If you know McDonnell Douglas, you know his airline is well known. However, this amazing aviation genius also has stunning helicopters, for example, the MD-11 and the DC-10. But among all his developed helicopters, the MD 500E Helicopter is one of the most developed and reasonably priced.

Hughes Aircraft Company first manufactured the MD 500E Helicopter for the use of a small helicopter used for surveillance. Additionally, later it was discovered that this helicopter was perfect as it was cheaper than other helicopters of the same caliber while being more developed.

With a commercial rate of 1.1 million USD, the MD 500E Helicopter is known for its high service ceiling, exceptional range, and fast speed. It can seat four passengers and one pilot easily too.

Enstrom TH180 Helicopter

Enstrom TH180 Helicopter

Last of our article titled, how much does a helicopter cost? We present to you the Enstrom TH180 Helicopter. Manufactured by Enstrom, this company is known to make some cutting-edge helicopters. This helicopter is popular for its single-engine, compact size and designs that are known to push some developed ideas.

Further, with a very reasonable price of 400,000 USD for a single Enstrom TH180 Helicopter, this model of the Enstrom helicopter has a streamlined body and is much lighter. It also has amazing speed and range.

Finally, the Enstrom TH180 Helicopter is a two-seater helicopter. Flight schools often use this model of helicopter. Hence, it is an easy helicopter to fly and is loved by beginners worldwide.

So, this brings us to an end of our how much does a helicopter cost article. We hope you had an insight into all the popular helicopters available.

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