Mardi Himal Helicopter Tour

Important Note on Mardi Himal Helicopter Tour: 

There are two option for the tour:

Option One: Direct flight from Pokhara to Landing near Mardi Himal Base Camp.

Cost: US$ 300 

Flight Time: Around 15 Minutes

After landing, time for walk around and taking pictures: 20-30 minutes

Option Two: Flyover from Annapurna Base Camp and Landing near Mardi Himal Base Camp

Cost: US$ 350 

Flight Time: Around 20 Minutes

After landing, time for walk around and taking pictures: 20-30 minutes

Helicopter Tours have been a great getaway for tourists visiting Nepal nowadays. Among the various heli tours in Nepal, Mardi Himal Helicopter Tour is slowly gaining popularity.

Mardi heli tour is a newly opened helicopter ride that operates on a daily basis from Pokhara airport. This heli tour is a substitute for the famous Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour.

The heli tour takes you to the base of Mardi Himal without trekking through the spontaneous mountain routes. You get to see the close-up mountain ranges without any distraction.

Mardi Himal Base Camp Helicopter tour is the best option for those bounded by time. You can select this tour if you are unable to trek through the trekking trails. The tour is about 1 hour long, saving a whole day in your busy schedule. The airlines operate this tour during the morning.

About Mardi Himal

Mardi Himal has recently made its way into the trekking world, but it quickly gained popularity among travelers. However, only a few trekkers have made their trek to the base of this spectacular mountain.

The beautiful peak lies beneath a more renowned mountain, i.e., Machapuchare in the Annapurna region. Mardi Himal resides at the height of 5587 m above sea level.

Mardi Himal is classified as one of the trekking peaks by the Nepalese government. The trekking route of Mardi Himal opened in 2012, with the maximum point being its base at 4500 m above sea level.

The trials are less challenging compared to the famous Annapurna Base Camp trek of the same region. You walk through off beaten path of Nepal, staying in tea houses or lodges for the entire trip.

On the Mardi Himal Trek, you walkthrough forest blooming with rhododendron, sal, pines, and many more. You also enjoy the views of Annapurna South, Hiunchuli, Machhapuchare, Mardi Himal, etc.

Mardi Himal offers a fantastic trip surrounded by majestic peaks and beautiful dense forests. You immerse yourself in the Nepalese culture and tradition. The routes of Mardi Himal are relatively straightforward.

Significant Highlights of Mardi Himal Helicopter Tour

  • Aerial view of the Pokhara valley and its lake
  • Enjoy the beautiful sights of Dhampus, World peace stupa, Sarangkot, and many more.
  • Panoramic view of the Annapurna Massif from Mardi Base Camp
  • Surround yourself with breathtaking views of majestic peaks such as Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, Annapurna, Lamjung, etc., from the helicopter
  • View the Annapurna Sanctuary and its trail from above
  • Stand below the prominent Mount Machhapuchare, aka Fishtail.
  • Alternative to Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour
  • FLy above the green valleys and local settlements
  • Reach the base of Mardi Himal without days of trekking
  • Beautiful memories in the Himalayas of Nepal
  • Delicious breakfast viewing the snowy mountain

Detailed Itinerary of Mardi Himal Helicopter Tour from Pokhara

Day 1 :

Phase 01: Pick up from the hotel and transfer to Pokhara airport.

Mardi Himal Heli tour begins and ends in Pokhara. It is a 65 minutes heli tour in the Himalayas of the Annapurna region. You fly to Mardi base from Pokhara, spend some time there and return.

To know about the detailed itinerary of the Mardi Himal Helicopter Tour, read below:

You wake up early, freshen up and prepare yourself for the Mardi Himal Helicopter tour. The respective representative will pick you up from the hotel, so you wait for them in the lobby.

After your representative arrives at the hotel, you board the bus that takes you to the Pokhara airport. Reaching the airport, you complete the necessary procedure and board the helicopter.

The flights are usually held in the early morning as the weather is favorable during this time. The skies are clear and blue with unobstructed views. There are fewer chances of bad climatic conditions.
P.s. You won’t have your breakfast in the hotel on this specific day.

Phase 02: Fly to Mardi Himal

After boarding your flight, it zooms into the sky, leaving the city of lakes behind. The flight to Mardi Himal Base camp is a short one. The getaway takes about 15 to 20 minutes to reach your destination.

Soaring into the sky, you are surrounded by the beautiful views of nature throughout the flight. It is early morning, so the environment looks fresh and less polluted.

As you look down, you can see the beautiful Phewa lake and lush green hills surrounding it. After flying for a while, several snow-capped peaks come to your view range.

You get to see the beautiful Annapurna ranges and many more. The flight to Mardi base camp is quite scenic. You also fly-over the local settlements, Annapurna Sanctuary, and the trekking trails.

Phase 03: Land at Mardi Himal Base Camp and spend some time

After a few minutes flight, you finally reach your destination Mardi Himal Base Camp. The ground time is about 30 minutes for exploring and having breakfast in the base camp.

As you land at the base, you are welcomed by the marvelous views of the snowy peaks. You get to see Mardi Himal, Machhapuchre, Annapurna south, and various others.

You can visit the nearby settlements and explore the surrounding areas. After roaming, you come back to the base and have your breakfast. It is quite a thrill to eat, viewing the magnificent mountains.

Phase 04: Fly back to Pokhara

You spend some more time taking pictures and making memories before returning to Pokhara. After some refreshing moments, you enter the helicopter and, retracing the views fly back to Pokhara.

Phase 05: Drop off at your hotel

Arriving at Pokhara airport, you head out the terminal where your representative will be waiting for you. After picking you up from there, they drop you off at your hotel ending your Mardi Himal Heli Tour.


What is the weight limit in the helicopter?

The total weight limit is 450 kg, including passengers and their belongings. Passengers cannot carry more than 50 kgs of luggage with them in this Mardi Himal helicopter tour.

Is travel insurance compulsory for the Mardi Himal Heli tour?

Travel Insurance is not compulsory, but we do recommend you make one just in case. It protects if any unfortunate events or mishaps happen on tour. The insurance includes theft, medical emergencies, loss, or damage of luggage.

For how long does the helicopter land at the base camp?

The helicopter will land for about 30 minutes in the Mardi Base Camp for exploring. You can roam around the medieval villages and see beautiful highlands, monasteries.

Are children allowed to do this helicopter tour or not?

Yes, children are allowed on this heli tour, but they need to be accompanied by a guardian or their parents. Aso, you need to ensure the kids are comfortable riding the chopper.

What kind of clothes should we wear for the tour?

The clothing required for this tour depends on the season you are traveling. If you are traveling during spring or autumn, then light clothes and down jackets are best to withstand the winds.

But if you are traveling during winter, warm clothes, i.e., such as thermal, fleece jacket, and mitten, are needed. It is best to keep updated about the weather to forbid dramatic changes.

What are the helicopter options for the Mardi Himal Helicopter Tour?

Typically, there are two options for travelers, i.e., private or group flights. If you want a personal trip with your friends and family, you can book charter flights. But if you are a budget explorer, then group flights are the best option.

Do the pilots have prior experience flying helicopters in the Himalayas or not?

Yes, the pilots are well-trained professionals with prior flying experience in the Himalayas. They have decades of experience and know-how to handle the situation.

Does the helicopter have any medical emergency facilities available on-board?

Yes, there are on-board medical facilities available in case of emergency. The crew members will always be there to help the passengers. In case of critical health conditions, supplemental oxygen or emergency evacuation is available.

Best Season for Mardi Himal Helicopter tour

Helicopter flights are available any time and month of the year. But there are two seasons, spring and autumn, that are more popular for traveling in Nepal. Winter and monsoon are also great for helicopter tours, but there are few complications during these times.

To let you know more about these seasons, we have explained each of them below:


Autumn is the best season for helicopter tours in the Himalayas. During this season, the temperature and weather are at their best. It is neither sweaty nor chilly.

September, October, and November are the months in this season. Early morning helicopter flights are fantastic in the clouds, with clear views of peaks and landscapes.

Monsoon has ended, giving a fresh look to the environment and making the views breathtakingly beautiful. Autumn begins after Moonsoon, so heavy rainfalls have washed away all the hills and valleys’ pollution. T


Spring is another best time to go on a Helicopter tour around the Himalayas of Nepal. The weather conditions are stable, making the tours and treks adventurous and exciting.

March, April, and May are the months in this season. These months are the beginning of a new chapter in the seasons. Buds of flowers start to grow, trees and plants gain their greenery, and the skies are crystal clear.

Spring comes after winter so that it can be chilly during the earlier month. But by the next month, it gets hot and sunny. Early morning flights are the greatest in this season as the snowy peaks look mesmerizing out the window.


Winter is the off-season for Himalayan activities around Nepal. It is the time when there is heavy snowfall in higher altitudes. Also, it has the coldest weather of the year and trail blockage.

December, January, and February are the months of this season. The trekking trails might have a blockage, but airways are always available for visiting Mardi Himal.

The month of December and February are great for helicopter flights as there are fewer delays and cancellations. The temperature is low, but the weather conditions are pleasant.

Early morning flights have clear skies, and the snow-covered peaks look breathtaking in winter. January is also suitable for helicopter tours but might complicate landing in base camp due to snowfall.


Monsoon is the least preferred time for traveling around Nepal. People avoid traveling in lower regions due to landslides and floods. But there are meager chances of rainfall in higher areas.

June, July and August are the monsoon months. Monsoon is the time for heavy rainfall around the country. Mardi Himal Helicopter tour is challenging but not impossible.

Earlier weeks of June and the month of August are suitable for heli tours as these are the least time for rainfall. Heli tours are available during June as well, but only when the weather condition is apparent.

Helicopter Options for Mardi Himal Tour

You have two helicopter options while going on the Mardi Himal Heli tour. You can book private flights or group flights. Both private and group getaways are available from Pokhara. Any Helicopter options only carry about 5 to 6 pax per flight.

Private Flights

Private flights are a luxurious way to reach the Mardi Himal base camp. You can personalize your itinerary and fly according to your own time. You can either fly solo or add your friends to the tour as well. An individual will be bearing the overall helicopter costs in private flights.

Highlights of Private helicopter tour

  • Fly at your own time
  • Personalize your itinerary
  • View the epic scenarios of nature
  • Pick up from the hotel.
  • Transfer to the airport
  • Drop off at the hotel

Group Flights

Group joining flights are a great option when you are a budget or solo traveler. As you will be sharing the flight and its cost with the other five people. The group flight always departure at the same time from the Pokhara airport.

Highlights of Group Joining Helicopter tour

  • Cheaper compared to Private charter flight
  • Regular departure time
  • Sharing charter helicopter with other five people
  • Pickup and drop you off at the hotel.
  • Take you to the Pokhara airport.
  • Costs sharing with other passengers

Mardi Himal Helicopter Tour Cost

The Mardi Himal Helicopter Tour cost is based on whether you are booking a charter or group flight. Charter flights are more expensive than group joining flights.

If you are booking Group joining heli tour, then the cost depends upon the no. of passengers. A helicopter carries 5 to 6 people at a time, so the price will be high if the passenger is less. You will be sharing the cost with fellow travelers on this flight. Usually, the flight costs about US$ 225 per person.

However, if you choose Private charter flights, then it can cost US$ 1100 or more depending on the service. Unlike group flights, an individual will pay the helicopter’s price, so it tends to be more expensive.

But private flights are more luxurious than group flights. As you get more services traveling alone than with groups.

Food and Accommodation

On this Mardi Himal Helicopter tour, you will only have breakfast at the base camp. So, food and accommodation are not necessary for the 1 Day Mardi himal base camp Helicopter Tour.

But if there is a change in plans and consider trekking to the base, this information might be of help. Food and accommodation are always a matter of concern for trekkers.

You will be staying in tea houses or lodges for the entire trek. If you are traveling during peak seasons, then advance booking will be pretty helpful. Because many travelers who wait until the last minute to find a room get disappointed.

As for the food, the menu switches according to the season and accessibility of goods. People use local ingredients produce on the farm to cook the food making it healthy and delicious.

However, you don’t need to worry about food and accommodation on the 1 Day Mardi Himal Base Camp Helicopter Tour. As you only stay there for about 30 minutes.

COVID- 19 Health and Safety Measures

  • PCR negative report tested before 72 hours
  • Compulsory face masks for the passengers
  • Face masks for pilots and staffs throughout the tour
  • Sanitizer available for crew members and travelers
  • Maintaining social distance
  • Helicopter sanitized before, between, and after use.
  • Checking the temperature of the travelers
  • Contactless payment

Things to carry in Mardi Himal Helicopter Tour

Carrying necessary equipment is essential while touring or traveling. Bringing good things help in completing the trip successfully. A few of the things to have in Mardi Himal Heli tour are:

  • High-quality phone or camera
  • Lip balm, sunhat, and sunglasses
  • Clothing that blocks wind and cold, such as down jacket, windcheater, etc
  • Personal bottle
  • Cash (optional)

Clothing Equipment

  • Hiking boot or sport shoe
  • Warm pant
  • Long sleeve shirt or tee
  • Thick woolen sock
  • Warm down jacket
  • Gloves
  • Woolen hat or sun hat or caps

Outline Itinerary

– Pick up from the hotel and drive towards the Pokhara airport

– Board the Helicopter and fly to Mardi Himal

– Land in Mardi Base Camp and explore the nearby areas

– Return to Pokhara

– Drop off at your hotel

Reasons for Mardi Himal Helicopter Tour

Walking in the trails of Mardi Himal is not only challenging but tiring as well. It takes time to navigate the routes, which discourages travelers with little time on their hands.

But thanks to Mardi Himal Heli Tour, the journey is easier and faster. You can reach the base in few minutes and have enough time to explore the nearby areas.

Mentioned down are a few of the reasons why travelers prefer the Mardi Himal Helicopter tour:

Easily Accessible

Unlike the trekking routes, the Mardi Himal Helicopter tour is still not much in Highlight. So, it makes this tour easily accessible to travelers as many airlines offer several packages.

You can book the chopper any time in the year with online procedures or agencies and agents. You don’t have to worry about packed routes or long-hour walks with this tour.

No delays

Another reason to do the Mardi Himal Heli tour is no delay. You do not have to wait for hours, unlike domestic or commercial flights. The tour has a pick-up and drop-off option so, getting late is rare.

Also, there are low chances of canceling the flight unless the weather condition is harsh. The flight won’t stop at various points for refueling or maintenance. You will fly straight to the base camp and back.

Beautiful Scenarios

An important reason for the Mardi Heli tour is its beautiful scenarios. This heli tour offers breathtaking views to travelers. It provides an aerial view of deep gorges, lush green valleys, and snowy peaks. Reaching at a 4500 m altitude gives exquisite and soul-stirring views. You will see the panoramic view of the Annapurna range, Machhapuchhre, and Mardi Himal.

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