Kathmandu to Janakpur Helicopter

Kathmandu to Janakpur Helicopter is a charter service rather than a package tour. This charter flight is fast and reliable for people looking forward to riding in comfort.

Helicopter Charter services are primarily for personal(urgency) or business needs. The charter flights allow you to reach the most remote part of Nepal according to your time.

Many hilly, terai, and mountain places are not reachable within a short time and take a day or two by roadways. So, Helicopter charter services make it more accessible during emergencies.

If you travel roadways to Janakpur from Kathmandu, it takes about 11 to 12 hours. It is a long hour drive in a vehicle which can be frustrating for some and a problem for sick travelers.

However, you have another alternative option that is Kathmandu to Janakpur Helicopter Charter. These services are not just for emergencies but also for quick travelers or good transportation.

The Kathmandu to Janakpur Helicopter ride takes about 35 to 45 minutes max. One Charter Helicopter can carry 3 to 5 pax at a time, so it can be a disadvantage for larger groups.

Janakpur city lies in Province No.2 in the Dhanusha District of Nepal. The place covers a total area of 38.69 sq mi (100. 20 Km2) and resides at an altitude of 243 ft/ 74 m above sea level.

The people living in Janakpur are usually identified as Maithil or Janakpuriya. The official tongue of these people is Maithili, an Indo- Aryan language mainly spoken in the Eastern Terai of Nepal.

Janakpur is a sub-metropolitan city mostly known for its cultural and religious tourism. Temporarily the city is declared as the capital of Province no. 2. This place lies about 225 km southeast of Kathmandu, the capital.

Helicopter Charter to and from Janakpur is available from Kathmandu. You can charter the helicopter in a short period of notice. These types of flights are usually organized for business purposes or medical evacuation.

Kathmandu to Janakpur helicopter charter services is very reliable and quick to get your work done. Most customers usually charter a helicopter for personal visits or rescue operations.

Janakpur is also a cultural and religious hub with several ancient temples and important sites. This city has one of the biggest temples of Nepal, Janaki Mandir, aka Nau Lakha Mandir, devoted to Goddess Sita. This temple showcases Hindu-Koiri architecture.

Other religious sites are Sri Ram Mandir, the oldest temple in the city; Vivah Mandap Temple, Ram Tower, and Kapileshwar. This place is also a great sightseeing spot for travelers.

Are you trying to manage time to visit the religious places of Janakpur but just can’t manage? Then the Kathmandu to Janakpur Helicopter charter is the best option.

It saves you 11 hours long and dull drive from Kathmandu and adds extra time for your sightseeing. You reach your destination within less than an hour. So, the rest of the day is for touring around.

The Kathmandu to Janakpur Helicopter is affordable. So, if you are searching for the fastest ways to reach Janakpur, you know what to rely on.

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Kathmandu to Janakpur Helicopter