Helicopter To Syangboche

Syangboche has plenty of rural charm to catch your eye, from high-rising mountains to deep valleys and forest-covered hills. Its quaint villages, windswept clifftop, shallow rivers, and snowy peaks that are best viewed from the air look impressive.

Now that gives us insight into why so many travelers lean on a helicopter for the Syangboche flight. It gives them a peek of the breathtaking Khumbu valley along with picturesque villages and towns.

Helicopter to Syangboche is an ideal trip for trekkers who want to finish the trip in a minimum time. It’s also treasured by wayfarers who seek to avoid the rugged and winding trails, running from Lukla to Syangboche.

Older people and children are more likely to be benefited from the Helicopter to Syangboche flight. It’ll get them to the hilltop and even other destinations as comfortably and quickly as anyone would’ve wished.

What Can See during Helicopter to Syangboche?

  • A pristine view of snow-capped mountains, including Everest, Ama Dablam, and Thamserku
  • Picture perfect villages, warm hospitality, and affability
  • Aerial view of exotic wildlife and flora
  • Explore unique landscapes, towering hills, and pine forests
  • Witness ancient Tibetan monasteries, mani walls, and chortens
  • A jaw-dropping glimpse of shimmering glaciers and tranquil lakes

Note: We can also provide helicopter service if you are planning to return from Syangboche to Kathmandu by helicopter.

Detailed Itinerary - Helicopter to Syangboche

Day 1 :

Helicopter to Syangboche

Phase 01: Transfer to Airport

Phase 02: Flight to Syangboche

Phase 03: Flight back to Kathmandu

The kathmandu to syangboche flight starts with a scenic heli flight over soaring mountains and lush hills. We’ll board the flight from Tribhuvan International Airport and don’t make any stops.

The flight lasts almost 30-35 minutes before reaching Syangboche airport, which also serves travelers’ viewpoints. It provides a magnificent view of Mt. Everest and its nearby mountains including, Thamserku and Lhotse.

You can also observe diverse landscapes, steep hills, and semi-arid grasslands. Walk past the village to discover ancient mani walls, Tibetan monasteries, and prayer flags. Travelers can also clasp their eyes on Himalayan wild animals and birds like snow leopard, Himalayan Tahr, and musk deer.

There are many tea houses and lodges here that provide guests warm service and hospitality. You can stop at these guest houses and have delicious meals before flying back to Kathmandu.

Cost Includes

  • Hotel pickup and drop services
  • Airport and government tax
  • Sightseeing as mentioned
  • Two bottled water

Cost Excludes

  • Personal expenses, including foods and drink
  • International flight fare
  • Travel insurance
  • Extra tips to guide


1. Where is Syangboche?

Syangboche is a gorgeous small settlement, lying at an altitude of 12,000 ft. It’s in the Khumbu region of eastern Nepal. Trekkers often climb the hilltop from Namche to explore the local charm and adjust the body temperature before going high.

However, those who take kathmandu to syangboche flight will skip the rugged trails and reach the hilltop in no time. They’ll get to sight the soaring mountains, foothills, and valleys throughout the journey.

2. How long does the helicopter land at Syangboche?

The helicopter lands roughly 10 minutes at Syangboche for sightseeing. In the time offered, you can catch a glimpse of the world’s highest mountain and take pictures of it.

3. Are the pilots trained?

Our pilots are well-trained and experienced in flying helicopters in the mountain region. They have been doing it for decades and know how to handle the situation even in extreme conditions.

4. Are there oxygen facilities during the helicopter flight to Syangboche?

Yes, the supplemental oxygens are available in the chopper for emergency purposes. Usually, it’s provided to passengers who have suffered from altitude sickness or have difficulty in breathing.

5. What is the flight duration from Kathmandu to Syangboche?

The flight duration from Kathmandu to Syangboche is around 30-40 minutes. However, if you decide to fly to the hilltop from Lukla, the flight will be relatively shorter.

6. How high does an average helicopter fly?

The helicopter flying to Syangboche can reach up to 25,000 ft high. Unlike aircraft, they can’t reach high and fly at a low altitude ranging from 15,000 to 18,000 ft. However, it depends on the turbine efficiency and engine used in the helicopter to know how high the chopper can fly.

7. Can we travel solo?

Unlike commercial flights, private helicopters allow the passengers to travel solo. But, they do come with a hefty price and great facilities. The average cost of a helicopter flight ranges from US$900 to US$1,200, depending on the service.

8. Does the helicopter fly over Everest?

Sadly, no helicopters fly over Everest due to low air density. They just fly up to 8,000 meters altitude as it’s not safe for aircraft to go super high. However, you can take a scenic flight of Everest Base Camp, which also comes with a splendid view of Mt. Everest and Mahalangur ranges.

9. Are there any chances of flight cancellations and delays?

Flights are always likely to get canceled during monsoon and winter, following poor weather. Due to foggy days and cold winds, pilots won’t be able to get strong visibility during the time. As a result, flights more often get canceled in the season, so better plan the trip carefully.

10. Is travel insurance mandatory?

There’s no compulsion for passengers to buy travel insurance during the helicopter flight to Syangboche. But, it’s highly recommended as it covers medical bills, emergency evacuations, trip cancelations, and other extra costs.

When is the right time for the Helicopter to Syangboche flight?

Lying at 12,000 ft height, Syangboche experiences unpredictable weather with frequent windstorms and low heat. The air density and climatic zone affect the temperature at the hilltop. It also disrupts flight landing and often gets it canceled.

Helicopter to Syangboche in Autumn

A helicopter flight to Syangboche is only possible if the weather is nice and stable. It’s why most trekkers fly to Syangboche during autumn, as it has a mild climatic condition. Days are warm with lovely sunshine in fall, which makes the heli tour easily accessible.

The views are incredibly magnificent during the season, with vibrant fall foliage, crystal clear view, and charm. Visitors can easily catch a glimpse of snow-capped mountains, including Ama Dablam and Mt. Everest, from the flight.

The morning temperature in Syangboche can drop from -5 to -10 Degree Celsius during autumn. So if you’re not a big fan of cold weather, then better take the flight in days or suit yourself in warm clothes.

Helicopter to Syangboche in Spring

Spring is another fantastic time to set off for a heli flight to Syangboche. It endures warm and moderate weather with temperatures ranging from 3 to 9 Degree Celsius. As the frosty winter fades away, travelers will get pleasant weather to take the heli flight to Syangboche.

As the season falls between March and May, travelers will feel slightly cold in the early month. But, after late March, the weather gets better and more relaxing to fly to Syangboche. Visitors taking a helicopter to Syangboche in Spring will get an impressive backdrop to relish.

The views are excellent during the season, with full-bloom rhododendron throughout the forest. They also get to view sparkling snow-capped mountains such as Lhotse, Ama Dablam, and Thamserku.

Helicopter to Syangboche in Winter

Winter comes with chilly weather and heavy snowfall in Syanboche. It starts from early December and lasts till February, withstanding frigid climate. The temperatures can vary from -10 to -15 Degree Celsius between mornings and nights.

Fortunately, the days are better, with temperatures ranging from 15 to 18 Degree Celsius. There’s quite strong visibility during the month, making it easy to sight the sweeping view of mountains and valleys.

Helicopter to Syanboche in Monsoon/Summer

Helicopter to Syangboche in Monsoon is odd and less probable with a continuous downpour, heavy storms, and landslides. Visitors can experience heavy rainfall during early mornings and nights. The weather gets clear in the daytime, providing a gorgeous sight of endless snow peaks and rolling landscapes.

As the rain washes tiny dust speck in the air, travelers will get a captivating view of subtropical highlands, picture-postcard villages, and snowfields. The average daytime temperature ranges from 5 to 13 Degree Celsius in monsoon. Nevertheless, you’ll still have to be careful with the flight so that it doesn’t get canceled.

Cost of Helicopter to Syangboche

The cost of a Helicopter to Syangboche depends on the package you choose. It also varies based on whether you prefer to travel solo or join the group. The private helicopter doesn’t accommodate more than five passengers at a time. Hence, you can share the compartment with just five people.

The average private helicopter to Syangboche flight fare is around US$3500. It offers you extra comfort and privacy without any additional charge. However, if you decide to join the group, the cost will be reduced.

Unless you’re not traveling with your family members, you’ll join other passengers on the flight. The flight will cost you between US$600 to US$3500, depending on the number of passengers on board. The helicopter pilot will navigate the places during the flight.

Similar Helicopter Tour Options in Syangboche

Helicopter from Lukla to Syangboche and vice-versa

Helicopter to Syangboche from Lukla is a short flight to the viewpoint, which offers astounding scenery. The flight lasts around 15 minutes, offering travelers splendid scenery of green valleys, steep ridges, and mountains.

At Syangboche, you’ll get a pleasant view of Mt. Everest along with Ama Dablam and Lhotse. After the sightseeing is over, the flight heads back to Kathmandu, which takes another 10-15 minutes.

Helicopter from Syangboche to Lobuche

Nestled at an altitude of 17,000 ft, Lobuche is a picturesque Sherpa village in Khumbu. It’s densely populated with just a couple of tea houses and remote settlements. Climbing the town alone takes more than a week with no side trips.

Therefore, trekkers pressed for time prefer flying to Lobuche via heli. It hovers over Tengboche and Dingboche’s small settlements to reach the village, perched on the brink of Khumbu Glacier.

The scenes from Lobuche are overwhelming with sweeping landscapes, sublime hills, and epic mountain ranges. After watching the spectacles, you can either go back to the city or climb further and make it up to the base camp.

Helicopter from Syangboche to Kalapatthar

Kalapatthar is a real crowd-puller in the Himalayas with geological marvels, wildlife bliss, and snowy mountains. To arrive at the acme, hikers have to trek several days but not for those who take the flight from Syangboche.

Helicopter to Kalapatthar from Syangboche takes 25-30 minutes, passing through vast meadows, deep valleys, and remote settlements. After landing at Kalapatthar, visitors can get a glimpse of breathtaking mountains, glacial lakes, and rocky moraines.

Helicopter from Syangboche to Gorak Shep

The helicopter from Syangboche to Gorak Shep is a perfect option for those who don’t want to walk the steep trails of EBC and yet lay eyes on Everest. The flight helps them escape the long and rocky trails filled with boulders.

Walking further is the path with a frozen lakebed which is hard to put up. From Gorak Shep, you can catch a great scene of sparkling snow-capped mountains and cliffs. Sitting right on Kala Patthar’s foot, Gorak Shep also gives a fair chance to watch Khumbu glaciers and icefalls.

Helicopter from Syangboche to Everest Base Camp

Helicopter from Syangboche to Everest Base Camp is a picturesque flight up to the foot of Mt. Everest. The flight is incredibly fantastic, with the pristine view of Lhotse and Everest all along the way.

The fight to Base Camp is an alternative for those who want to flee the uneven and craggy route of EBC. The hike that generally takes around 4 to 5 days to finish will be done in less than an hour without any hassle.

Also, you get an aerial view of glistening mountains, rolling hills, and valleys to keep you busy. Travelers also get to see the delightful glaciers and ice cliffs from the air, which is impressive.

As the helicopter holds the flight for almost 10 minutes, you can explore the sites and watch the tranquil glacial lakes. Once the sightseeing is done, you’ll board the flight back to the city, which once again offers mesmeric scenes.

Why take Syangboche Helicopter Flight?

There’s no arguing that Syangboche Helicopter Flight is the most relaxing and comfortable gateway to the crest. It’s the best way to beat the rugged trails of Khumbu and visit the point of view within a couple of minutes. Syangboche Helicopter Flight is

1. Short duration

Stretching 17 miles far from Lukla, Syangboche is a long-distance trek with several ups and downs. It takes almost 2-3 days of hiking to reach the hilltop that offers an enchanting view of green foliage, lofty hills, and waterfalls.

However, to skip the exhausting trails, many hikers fly to Syangboche, which takes just about 20-25 minutes. The flight option is ideal for travelers who want to get to Syangboche without any fuss.

2. Stunning views

Syangboche is such a beautiful and unspoiled slope in Khumbu that walking it is worth it. But, if you don’t want to navigate the trails, better take a flight to the hills and witness the magical views. Sitting at an elevation of 12,000 ft, Syanboche offers a spectacular view of stunning mountains, sheer glaciers, and forested hills.

Visitors can behold Tibetan monasteries, mani walls, and Chortens in the villages. Those who have a little extra time can even walk the remote settlements and enjoy the warm hospitality offered by locals.

3. Escape the crowd

Trails healing to Syangboche are jam-packed with travelers during the peak trekking season. Hikers will have a hard time getting the time alone unless they decide to fly on a helicopter to Syangboche. The flights help them to get away from the crowd and reach the viewpoint before anyone.

4. No intermediate stops

Helicopter to Syanboche allows the traveler to avoid multiple stops and save time. It helps the busy travelers reach the hilltop in merely 20 minutes, which would have taken at least an hour. It prevents them from wasting time by taking a direct flight to Syangboche without stopping at Lukla.

5. Convenience

Convenience and helicopter to Syangboche go well together, especially with the flights avoiding arduous trails. Private heli allows the traveler to book the flight according to their comfort and ease. It also provides you ample space as compared to regular flights with no disturbances from fellow passengers.

6. Fly closer to the destination

Commercial flights may not always get you closer to the destination, with the airstrip lying quite far. Trekkers may have to walk miles from the airport to arrive at the scenic spot. But, in case of a private helicopter, you can easily reach the destination without walking a mile in case of a private helicopter.

7. Safe and flexible

Kathmandu to Syangboche helicopter flight is incredibly safe and comfortable to travel. It’s operated by experienced pilots and crew members who are quite the best in the business. They provide extra facilities and even supplemental oxygen for emergencies. With the private helicopter, you can book flights anytime you like.

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