Helicopter Rescue from Namche

Looking for Helicopter rescue from Namche Bazar?

You have landed in the right place, we can arrange a helicopter in Namche for your rescue.

Namche lies at an altitude of above 3000m. Travelers will be gaining a lot of height in a short amount of time without proper time for acclimatization. Hence, there is a high chance of them falling ill due to these symptoms of altitude sicknesses.

The symptoms of altitude sickness include breathing difficulty, insomnia, nausea, dizziness, headache, and others. Altitude sickness can get quite severe if not treated in time. It can lead to advanced forms where fluid enters your brain and lungs.

Another difficulty that trekkers need to face is that of dangerous terrains and trails. People can get physically injured in these conditions. Ankle twists, sprains, blisters, and cuts are pretty common in the region. Therefore, people need proper health attention and treatment as soon as possible.

However, a return back to a lower altitude by trekking is not possible in most cases. Hence, helicopter rescue from Namche is ideal in these situations. You can get proper evacuation with the help of helicopters. We will transport those in need to the nearest hospitals in lower regions or even Kathmandu.

Highly skilled and experienced pilots conduct these helicopter rescue operations. Crew members who run this service are also well trained and quite friendly. We keep the safety and comfort of our passengers as our topmost priority. You can contact us through a call or various other means. And as soon as we get your authorization, we will send our helicopters for rescue. Contact us for more details regarding this helicopter rescue from Namche.

A small introduction of Namche: Namche (3,500 m) or Namche Bazaar is a commercial town in the Khumbu region of eastern Nepal. It is the beginning point of many trekking and mountaineering expeditions in the Everest region. This beautiful tourist hub is famous for its cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars, souvenir shops, etc. You can find many climbers and trekkers in the bustling atmosphere of Namche.

Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, chortens, mani walls are the prime attractions of this place. There are many beautiful settlements of local Sherpa people in this town. Moreover, You can taste their delicious ethnic cuisine and other delicacies. Their incredible hospitality will make you fall in love with this scenic place.

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Helicopter Rescue from Namche