Heli Ride to Nar Phu Valley

The Nar Phu valley is one of the most remote settlements in the Himalayan nation of Nepal. Since this region is not easily accessible, trekkers must trek for many days to arrive at this destination. However, a strenuous trekking journey in a high-altitude area is not everybody’s cup of tea. Hence, this heli ride to the Nar Phu Valley package is an ideal alternative for those travelers.

The isolated region was only recently opened to travelers for trekking and exploration. The Nar Phu valley has incredible landscapes that resemble the Tibetan plateaus across the border. There are pristine natural landscapes that you can observe in the Nar Phu Valley. The area is close to the Annapurna Circuit and the Manaslu Circuit, which makes it ideal for side trips in these adventures.

This hidden valley of the region is widely known for its incredible cultural heritage. The quiet area has many outstanding settlements of the local people. The beautiful virgin landscapes are yet to be explored in a mainstream way. These ancient settlements include Buddhist landmarks like monasteries, prayer flags, and others.

A helicopter trip to the Nar Phu Valley is quite an exciting journey. It saves you from many days of trekking in the high-altitude region. This incredible aerial tour provides travelers with the best views of the entire region. The heli ride will start from the airport in Pokhara and take you to the Nar Phu Valley.

The helicopter trip lets you observe the majestic Kangaru Himal and the monastery at Nar Phedi. After arriving at Phu, you can explore the area. It is an ancient, beautiful cultural settlement dating back to the 5th century. In the valley, you can observe beautiful structures made of stone stacked on top of each other. These structures resemble terrace fields made of snow.

The Mani walls, inscriptions, prayer wheels, monasteries, and other Buddhist landmarks complement these regional attractions. The people generally follow Tibetan culture and practice Tibetan Buddhism in the area. Likewise, you will get more insights about the place from the guide who will accompany you along the trip. Hence, this landmark is a paradise for cultural enthusiasts and photographers.

Phu is also the base for the Himlung (7126m) expeditions. The high-altitude settlement located at 4920m is quite an exploration point. The region’s cultural landscapes and the scenic Himalayan vista highlight the trek. After exploring the village settlement, experiencing the cultural settlements, and getting local insights, you will return.

This unique helicopter trip is one of the best adventures you can take in the country. Contact us for more details about the heli ride to Nar Phu Valley and other related information.

Heli Ride to Nar Phu Valley Outline Itinerary: Phases

Phase 01 – Transfer from hotel to Pokhara Airport

Phase 02 – Fly to Nar Phu Valley. Flight duration: 15-20 minutes.

Phase 03 – Landing at Nar Phu valley and exploration, Landing Time: 30 minutes

Phase 04 – Fly back to Pokhara; Flight Time: 20 minutes.

Phase 05 – Transfer from the airport to the hotel.

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Heli Ride to Nar Phu Valley