Halesi Helicopter Tour

Halesi Mahadev is a pilgrimage site in the Khotang district of eastern Nepal. This famous shrine of Lord Shiva lies in a remote hilly region with the holy Dudh Koshi river on the right and Sunkoshi on the left. While you can arrive at this temple by road, it requires a long trip through rugged terrains. Meanwhile, a helicopter tour takes you to this religious landmark quickly and without any hassle.

Therefore, the Halesi Helicopter tour is one of the best ways to travel to this holy place. This incredible aerial tour takes you to the ancient temple of Halesi Mahadev. It is also known as the “Pashupatinath of Eastern Nepal.” There is a beautiful cave near the temple that is quite an attraction for this tour. The immense beauty of the region will enchant travelers.

Hundreds of pilgrims from Nepal and India travel to the Halesi Mahadev temple every year. The helicopter ride takes around an hour to arrive at this temple of Lord Shiva from Kathmandu. The same trip takes approximately 10 hours by jeep. You will take a flight from Tribhuvan International Airport to land on a beautiful helipad near the Halesi Mahadev Temple. You can worship in the temple and explore caves before flying back to Kathmandu.

This helicopter tour is a blessing in disguise for older pilgrims who cannot take long-duration travels. Besides that, you can also observe snow-capped mountains, vast valleys, green meadows, and serene water resources of the region. We provide this fantastic Halesi helicopter tour at a reasonable price. Read further for the tour itinerary, cost, best time, and other related information in detail.

Highlights of the Trip

  • Awe-inspiring views of the natural vista and snow-capped mountains
  • Exploring the cultural heritage of the region
  • Pilgrimage of Halesi Mahadev Temple
  • Beautiful sightseeing opportunities of various caves.
  • Performing puja and other rituals in the Halesi temple
  • Observing incredible landscapes from the top of the helicopter
  • Excellent welcome and hospitality of local people

Halesi Helicopter Tour - Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 :

<h3>Phase 1: Transfer to Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu</h3>
The Halesi Helicopter tour starts as our staff will pick you up and transfer you to Tribhuvan International airport in Kathmandu. You will complete all formalities and board the helicopter flight.
<h3>Phase 2: Helicopter tour to Halesi Mahadev Temple from Kathmandu</h3>
You will board the helicopter flight from Kathmandu to the Halesi Mahadev temple. This incredible tour provides you with the best views of snow-capped mountains and other diverse natural regions of the region. After a helicopter tour, you can explore the region and perform various puja rituals.
<h3>Phase 3: Conduct various puja rituals and explore around</h3>
After arriving at the temple, you can conduct puja rituals and worship in Halesi Mahadev Temple. You can also explore the cave area and other natural landscapes for an hour.
<h3>Phase 4: Fly back to Kathmandu</h3>
After performing your puja rituals and exploring around, you can take the flight back to Kathmandu. You can arrive at Kathmandu after an hour of a scenic helicopter ride.

Halesi Helicopter Tour - Cost Details

Cost Includes

  • Pickup/Drop-off from the hotel
  • Halesi helicopter trip as per itinerary
  • Bottle water

Cost Excludes

  • Food and drinks
  • Gratuities
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance
  • Tipping cost
  • Items not mentioned

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the total duration of this Halesi helicopter tour?

The helicopter tour to Halesi Mahadev Temple is around 4 hours. It takes an hour to arrive at the temple premises from Tribhuvan International airport in Kathmandu. This incredible tour will provide you with beautiful snow-capped mountain views and other natural diversities.

After arriving at this temple premises, you can perform your puja rituals and other rituals for about an hour. After the exploration of the cave and other surrounding areas and continue your return back.

How many passengers can this Halesi Helicopter Tour accommodate?

The helicopter tour to Halesi Mahadev Temple can accommodate a maximum of 5 passengers. Hence, you should consider this factor before making plans with family and friends. If you take this tour with family and friends, you can share the total cost among yourself.

Is travel insurance required for this Helicopter Tour?

Travel insurance is an integral part of this helicopter tour to Halesi Mahadev. It is essential to get this travel insurance to be safe from any hassles during this trek. You must consider that it should cover all aspects like medical emergencies, injuries, loss, thefts, delays, cancelations, evacuation, and others. Therefore, travel insurance is an essential part of this helicopter tour.

Are medical precautions necessary before this helicopter tour?

Travelers taking this helicopter tour are prone to high altitude sickness. Some common altitude sickness symptoms include headache, difficulty in breathing, nausea, dizziness, insomnia, and others.

Since there is low air pressure and oxygen levels, altitude sickness is quite challenging for travelers. They should remain physically fit and have good stamina. They should not travel with an empty stomach. Besides that, you can also take anti-nausea tablets like Diamox tablets to tackle altitude sickness along trails.

How are the pilots of this Halesi helicopter tour?

Highly experienced pilots and team members run this helicopter tour. They are well equipped in first aid and can handle emergencies. They also have many years of experience in high altitude flying in hilly landscapes. Hence, this helicopter tour will provide you a safe and comfortable experience.

What are the safety protocols in case of emergencies?

There are safety protocols in place for this helicopter duration. First aid and Medical aid facilities are also available in case of any emergencies. You will have supplemental oxygen and evacuation if necessary as well.

What are the items and clothing required for this helicopter tour?

The clothing gears required for this tour include warm clothes as it is a high-altitude region. Therefore, you should take items based on the season of this tour. A down jacket is essential as it can get quite cold with High winds, freezing temperatures on this tour.

How long does the Halesi helicopter tour last?

The helicopter tour lasts for around 4 hours. After arriving at this incredible destination which takes around an hour, you can perform puja rituals and explore the cave. You can also observe the beautiful mountain vista before this tour.

Can children and pets take a helicopter tour?

Children can take this helicopter tour but not pets. You should take this incredible tour with your children, but you must ensure that they remain calm during this tour.

The Major Attractions of Halesi Mahadev Temple

The Halesi Mahadev temple and Halesi-Maratika Cave lies in the Khotang District of eastern Nepal. The cave and temple are just around 185 km southwest of Mount Everest, with an altitude of 4,734 ft. The pilgrimage site is widely revered by both Hindus and Buddhists. The Kirats also worship Halesi Mahadev Temple.

Hindus worship this temple as a form of Lord Shiva, while Buddhists consider this temple the Padmasambhava. The temple is also known as Pashupatinath of East. Melas and celebrations are quite common in Mahashivaratri, Chaturthi, Rama Navami, Ganesh Chaturthi, and other festivals. Hindus flock to the temple in the Shrawan month as there are many festivals in the region. According to mythologies, Lord Shiva stayed in a cave to hide from Bhasmasur for 6,000 years.

The Buddhist followers believe that Padmasambhava and Mandarava attained the Vidyadhara of longevity in this cave. The Halesi-Maratika caves are also mentioned in literature around the 12th century. A biography of Padmasambhava, Kathang Zanglingma, also says the Maratika is a holy pilgrimage site for Vajrayana Buddhism.

This Halesi Mahadev cave is 67 feet below the surface. It has an entrance facing east and has a half-moon shape. A diameter of 193 feet and a circumference of 223 feet are dimensions of this cave. There is another cave beneath and lies between Dudh Koshi and Sun Kosi.

Safety Tips for the Helicopter Tour

A helicopter tour is a beautiful aerial trip in the country. There are these factors to consider before taking this helicopter flight. One of the primary rules is that you should not throw anything from your helicopter during the flight. Smoking is generally prohibited on this flight, so you should always ask for permission from the flight captain.

Besides that, you should always wait for your turn while taking off or riding this helicopter. The rotor fan at the back of this helicopter is quite dangerous as it keeps moving after some time after landing. Therefore, you should stay away from them during your helicopter tour.

Safety Protocols COVID-19

There are various COVID-19 safety protocols that you must follow during this helicopter tour. Some of the rules and regulations are as follows.

  • You should also go through thermal screenings before this helicopter tour.
  • You should wear masks at all times during this helicopter tour
  • Social distancing is a must among passengers and crew members.
  • Team members perform safety protocols as well.

Some Essential Aspects of Helicopter Tour

  • The weather around the region needs to be clear and stable, with no overcast conditions for helicopters to fly.
  • Flight to Halesi Mahadev temple depends on weather conditions.
  • If we cannot land in the desired location, we will land at the next best place.
  • This helicopter tour is flexible so that you can customize your trip according to your schedule.
  • We can also reschedule the flight if there are not suitable weather conditions.
  • You can also view beautiful snow-capped mountains vista.

Halesi Helicopter Tour – Packing List

The Halesi helicopter tour is a short-duration trip, but you should wear proper clothes and pack essential items for this high altitude travel. Some of the things necessary for this helicopter tour are as follows:

  • Thermals
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Camera
  • Wind/waterproof trousers
  • Down jacket
  • Fleece jacket
  • Light snacks
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreens

Some Difficulties of the Halesi Helicopter Tour

This helicopter tour to Halesi Mahadev has some challenges, and some of them are listed as follows:

Unpredictable weather

There are various weather-related challenges during this helicopter tour. The unpredictable weather is a common factor in this high elevation. Therefore, foggy and overcast conditions can cause flight delays and cancellations.

Besides that, there are harsh winds, heavy snowfalls, unexpected storms, and freezing conditions in these high altitude conditions. Low visibility is another challenging factor that you should consider as it can lead to delays and cancellations. Helicopter flights can get quite tricky due to these conditions.

Altitude sickness

Halesi Mahadev remains located at a significant altitude from Kathmandu. Travelers will gain around 2000m which makes acute mountain sickness quite common in the region. Since this is a short-duration trip, acclimatization is not possible. Therefore, you can rest well with a proper diet to tackle this altitude sickness.

Moreover, altitude sickness can lead to various symptoms, including nausea, difficulty in breathing, headaches, insomnia, and tiredness. High altitude conditions have lesser amounts of oxygen and air pressure, which is quite challenging. Diamox tablets are anti-nausea tablets that help you to tackle high altitude conditions.

Other challenges

The other challenges include backpack weight, and therefore you should only carry necessary items. The total weight that you can take on this helicopter tour is around 10-15 kgs. Hence, these are various difficulty factors of this helicopter tour.

When is the Best Time for Halesi Helicopter Tour?

The helicopter tour is ideal in clear weather with stable conditions. Hence, you should choose the best time for this tour as there are fewer delays and challenges. Autumn and spring are ideal for helicopter travel in Nepal as there is beautiful soothing weather all around.

Spring (March-May)

The Spring season from March to May will provide you with a tranquil atmosphere to travel. Wildflowers are blooming all over the region, making a colorful scenario in the hills. The temperatures remain moderate at around 20-25 degrees celsius, making it perfect for traveling in a helicopter.

Moreover, there are clear skies that provide you with unobstructed snow-capped mountains. Weather is generally clear with almost no precipitation, which means fewer amounts of delays and cancellations. Hence, travelers can enjoy safe and comfortable travel during this helicopter tour.

Autumn (September-November)

Autumn is a peak season for all kinds of travel in Nepal. With temperatures around 20 to 30 Degree Celsius, travelers will find a suitable environment all around. Moreover, there is generally stable weather with minimal precipitations in the afternoon. The weather can turn cold pretty quickly, especially in the evenings and early mornings.

Hence, you should carry warm clothes during this tower. Moreover, Autumn is the time for many religious festivals like Dashain, Tihar, Chaath, and others. Many pilgrims visit religious landmarks in Autumn.

There are extreme cold conditions and foggy weather in winters, making it quite a challenge to travel. Helicopter flights have a high chance of getting delayed or canceled in these conditions. Similarly, there are overcast skies with heavy precipitation in the summer monsoon season. Hence, for a comfortable travel experience, Autumn and Spring are perfect.

Why Take the Halesi Helicopter Tour?

The Helicopter tour is a quick aerial trip to one of Nepal’s most important religious sites. Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims travel from all around Nepal and India to pay homage to Halesi Mahadev. However, the journey to this beautiful temple is quite taxing and requires a long drive of around 10 hours from Kathmandu.

This high altitude journey also brings challenges like altitude sickness and other weather-related disturbances. Hence, this trip can be quite a challenge, especially for older pilgrims and senior citizens. The scenic mountains vista you can observe from this helicopter trip is a prime attraction of this trek. Read on to know more about the significant reasons to take this helicopter tour:

Religious Pilgrimage

Halesi Mahadev temple is significant and revered by many Hindus and Buddhists. The natural cave is widely described as the abode of Mahadeva, where he took shelter while hiding from “Bhasmasur.” Both Hindus and Buddhist pilgrims consider this temple as a religious significance. The temple is also known as “the Pashupatinath of the east.” Shivaratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Bala Chaturdashi are ideal for celebrations and mela in the temple premises.

Mandarava and Padmasambhava attained longevity or Vidyadhara terms according to Buddhist mythologies. The teachings of Buddha Amitabha and Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara are coded in the cave as well.

The short duration of travel

The Halesi Helicopter tour is a short-duration trip. You can arrive at this incredible sacred temple in just an hour. This allows you to travel safely and comfortably, skipping the taxing journey by road.

Moreover, travelers can return to their homes the same day. This means that you do not require accommodation facilities. This pilgrimage trip is a short trip that gets completed in just a few hours. Travelers who have a short schedule can take this Halesi Mahadev trip on a helicopter.

High-quality service

Highly experienced pilots and crew members run our helicopter tour. We provide incredibly high-quality service and facilities during the trip. Moreover, the friendly crew members help you in every aspect of this trip and can handle emergencies. You will also get medical aid and first aid facilities if needed. You can travel in a relaxed manner. Hence, this helicopter tour is ideal for all travelers.

Sightseeing opportunity

The Halesi Mahadev remains located at a beautiful natural spot, and there are various natural vista around the region. The Halesi-Maratika Caves in the Mahadevsthan village is an attraction on this tour. Located in the Khotang District and lying at an altitude of 4,734 ft. above sea level, this cave is a central attraction point.

The caves are associated with Mahadeva by Hindus and with the Padmasambhava by Buddhists. This cave is also the center of many ceremonies and mela on occasions like Mahashivaratri, Chaturthi, etc. The surrounding green hills, and gorgeous cliffs, and natural landscapes are spell-binding.

Safe and comfortable

The Halesi Helicopter tour is a safe and comfortable trip in the Khotang district of eastern Nepal. The pilots and team members who run this tour have incredible experience in high altitude flying. The relaxing helicopter trip also follows safety protocols. There are well-equipped first aid facilities and evacuation facilities in case of emergencies.


Privacy is another incredible aspect of this trip. You can travel in a stress-free environment with your family and friends. You do not need to handle your personal belongings and will have much space for your travel.

The Final Say

The Halesi Mahadev temple and cave is an excellent religious site in Nepal. Located in the Khotang region, this spiritual pilgrimage is one of the most important landmarks. This helicopter tour is perfect for those trekkers who cannot travel long distances by road. Seniors and other travelers can take this helicopter tour for a quick trip.

Pilgrims around the world visit this holy temple and perform their puja rituals. The Halesi Mahadev temple and surrounding areas have beautiful surrounding landscapes and viewpoints. We hope you learned about this Halesi helicopter tour in detail. Contact us for more information about this trip, and have a safe journey!

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