Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour

Splendid, pacifying, exquisite, and whatnot; in a nutshell, Gosaikunda is a piece of paradise on earth with picturesque views. Its unspoiled charm, flattered by the scenic backdrop and geological marvel, makes the place exquisitely charming.

The scenes get even better when watched from a 14,000 ft elevation. That speaks volumes for why so many trekkers prefer the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour. Taking the Gosaikunda heli flight is the easiest and more relaxing way to reach the lake.

It’s a visual treat to watch the gleaming blue water of Gosaikunda from the air, which looks nothing but nature’s best work of art. The intense blue hue on the lake sprawling up to 4 sq. miles appears to captivate the visitors.

Seasonal changes don’t have a bleak impact on the lake’s beauty, but the spectacles vary. Therefore, when you book the flight, make sure that it’s the best time for trekking otherwise you’ll get disappointed.

Spring and autumn bring out the best of Gosaikunda with unclouded wonders of snow-capped mountains, rocky hills, and glaciers. Even watching from the aircraft, you can witness the captivating rhododendron forests throughout the hills.

The serene lake sits on the foot of towering hills and mountains in the north of Kathmandu. It lies at 14,370 ft. elevation inside Langtang National Park. Trekkers will have to cover a total distance of 67.5 km from the valley to end up at the lake.

But with the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour, they’ll make it to the site in no time. Those opting for a private flight to Gosaikunda won’t have to walk the miles-long trails. The travelers will arrive at the lake in about 40-50 minutes with some extra hours on hand to explore the site.

Highlights of Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour

  • Bird’s-eye view of Langtang valley and its imperial landscapes
  • Picturesque scenes of snow-capped mountains such as Mt. Annapurna and Manaslu
  • Beautiful shades of sunset and sunrise view over the subrange of Himalaya
  • A swift walk down to the monasteries of Langtang
  • A little insight into the culture and lifestyle of people in Langtang
  • Discover unique wild species and birds inhabited in the national park

Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour from Kathmandu

Day 1 :

Phase 01: Transfer to Airport

Phase 02: Fly to Gosaikunda Lake

Phase 03: Fly to Langtang Valley for breakfast

Phase 04: Fly back to Kathmandu

With the sparkling midnight blue water, towering snow peaks, awe-inspiring landscapes, and hills, Gosaikunda is an earthly paradise. It brims with magnificent sceneries and spectacular natural wonders which keep the visitors occupied.

Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour begins with a scenic flight to Langtang Valley from Kathmandu. Our officials will pick you up from the hotel and drive you to the airport to catch the flight. After nearly 30 minutes of captivating view over the rolling hills and mountain ranges, we’ll wind up at the lake.

Throughout the journey, you’ll witness deep valleys, inevitable highlands, medieval villages, and ridges. While peeking out from the flight, you can notice the beautiful settlements in Langtang, such as Thadepeti, Kutumsung, Suabrubesi, and many more.

As the aircraft lands at Langtang for almost half an hour, you can catch a sight of enchanting Gosaikunda. You’ll also get to watch the scintillating Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, and Laurebina La.

Some of the fortunate ones may even run into the sanctuary wild animals, including musk deer, red panda, serow, and others. After exploring the site, we’ll board the flight and head back to the town.

On our way back, we’ll stop over at Langtang Valley to have a typical Nepali breakfast. After finishing the meal, we’ll continue our journey to Kathmandu, which takes a couple of minutes. The trip comes with eye-catching scenes like steep hills, cascading waterfalls, lush green pastures, and more.

Items Included

  • Airport pick up and drop on private vehicle
  • Helicopter flight to and fro Gosaikunda
  • Short recess at Lukla Valley
  • An experienced trek guide

Items excluded

  • Food, drinks, and beverages
  • Extra tips to guide
  • Other personal expenses


1. How far is Gosaikunda from Kathmandu?

Nestled in Langtang National Park in the Rasuwa district, Gosaikunda is 41.5 km from Kathmandu on the flight. It takes almost 40 minutes from the valley to arrive at the lake, which unfurls a scene full of glamor.

2. For how long does the aircraft land at Gosaikunda?

The helicopter lands at Gosaikunda for about 1-2 hours so that visitors can explore the sites. They are provided ample time to walk the area and enjoy the shimmering lakes and eye-catching mountain views. If the travelers feel that the excursion length is not enough, they can request to delay the flight further.

3. Does the flight stop at any other point before the landmark itself?

Luckily, the helicopter flying to Gosaikunda grounds at Langtang Valley after visiting the site. It’ll stop for just a few minutes so that you can grab your breakfast and relish the glorious view one more time.

4. How can we book the helicopter for the Gosaikunda Tour?

It’s quite easy to book the aircraft for the Gosaikunda tour online. The process is as smooth as velvet, as all you have to do is go on the travel company’s website and choose the booking option. You can also contact us via mail or fill the form on the website.

After then, you’ll have to provide a copy of your passport and needed information. Travelers can pay the bills through credit cards. If you have difficulty booking the helicopter, better contact our agency as they’ll do it for you or get some help.

5. Is the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour suitable for all ages?

There’s no doubt that the flight available for Gosaikunda is convenient for all age groups. However, if there are children onboard or physically challenged people, we recommend that someone accompany them. They must be looked after by someone and made sure that they don’t have trouble riding.

6. Can a solo traveler take the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour?

Of course, the traveler can go on a solo trip to Gosaikunda unless they don’t mind paying the total bills. A private charter has a seat for up to 5; depending on passengers’ size and weight going solo would mean you’d have to incur all the cost.

It comes with the reward, though, as travelers have a whole cabin for themself. There’s no one to disrupt or annoy them, which makes the trip more gratifying. You can also enjoy the available services in the charter all to yourself.

7. Do travelers of the Gosaikunda Helicopter tour have to be physically fit?

Usually, it’s the trekkers scrambling the trail to Gosaikunda who follows a strict fitness plan. They spend quite a time in the gym to beat the rough terrain and make it to the top. But, the commuters who’re taking a heli ride to Gosaikunda don’t have to train for hiking.

Since the excursion involves no long walks, you can quickly arrive at the lake without wasting much time. Visitors won’t have to indulge in an intense fitness regimen or personalized training to beat the craggy trails.

Traveling Gosaikunda via air charter is convenient and time-saving as it avoids the trails. Nevertheless, if you improve your stamina and build endurance, you can easily dodge acute mountain sickness.

8. How high does a helicopter fly?

The helicopter flying to Gosaikunda reaches up to the maximum altitude of 4,380 meters. However, the one will fleet at an altitude of 14,763 ft. high, offering a majestic view of snowy peaks, rolling hills, and beautiful gorges.

9. Is there an oxygen cylinder available in the chopper for an emergency?

We care about our customers’ health more than anything, which is why we always carry bottled oxygen. We provide it to every traveler who suffers from altitude sickness or having difficulty breathing during the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour.

10. Why is a helicopter tour the best travel option for Gosaikunda?

There’s no doubt that trekking is fun, but when you have to climb the steep trail for about a week continuously, it doesn’t get thrilling, especially for beginners. Therefore, they choose to fly the lake via helicopter as it reduces the stress of having to walk the lane forever.

11. Is there a chance of flight cancellation or delay?

Flight delays and cancellations are typically evidenced in monsoon following extreme weather. If there’s heavy rainfall or windstorm, the flights are likely to get postponed. But, if it gets canceled due to any unfortunate incident, the passengers will get a refund.

11. Can a helicopter hold the flight a little longer?

On a personal request, the helicopter can hold the flight for another 3-5 minutes. But after then, it won’t wait for you anymore as it’s too risky to land the chopper at a high altitude for too long.

12. Can we fly to the lake and walk our way down?

You can surely take a one-way trip to Gosaikunda on a private flight and climb down the trail. But, it’ll cost you a great deal of time than had, you taken the flight back to Kathmandu. The weather can be brutal at times while trekking down, so you need to be careful before making a choice.

13. Is the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour Safe?

You’ll be pleased to know that the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour is pretty much reliable as we follow all the safety guidelines. Before taking off the chopper, we even assess the weather condition so that there’s no trouble on the way. We even have our aircrafts monitored before flying to the region.

14. Is the Gosaikunda Helicopter tour better than trekking?

It depends on what travelers expect from the trip. If you’re looking forward to enjoying the scenic view with the sound of yaks grazing in the meadow, it’s better to walk along the trail. But if you expect a comfortable ride and don’t want a week-long trip, go on the helicopter tour. It’ll save you plenty of time and provide a fantastic experience of sighting the remarkable Langtang Valley for almost one and a half hours.

15. Do we have to buy travel insurance during the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour?

Visitors are not obliged to buy travel insurance while taking the Gosaikunda heli tour. We, however, recommend our customers to buy one, which typically covers their medical expenses, trip cancelation, and damages.

16. Is it possible to join other groups on the flight?

If you’re a solo traveler to Gosaikunda, it’s better to join the group or a helicopter tour of Gosaikunda. With that, you’ll be able to reduce the fare and get the flight for cheap. If you don’t have enough members to share the flight, we can arrange it for you.

Cost of Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour

The cost of renting a helicopter for the trip to Gosaikunda relies on the package deal and services available to the passenger. The costs for a Gosaikunda heli tour can cost anywhere from US$1,200 to US$1,500 per person based on the amenities offered.

The group size and flight duration may also affect the price of renting a helicopter for the Gosaikunda Tour. Usually, the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour accompanies no more than five passengers at a time. But depending on the weight, the number can be minimized, in which case, you’ll be charged more.

Travelers usually try to get as many passengers on board so that they can share the amount. The cost for a helicopter tour of Gosaikunda may also differ during holidays and trekking season. The amount will cover your emergency oxygen and first aid kit.

What it doesn’t cover is the fee for meals, airport tax, and personal expenses, including clothes. Visitors are also liable to pay the entry fee for Langtang National Park; otherwise, they won’t get access to the sanctuary.

Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour profile

Unarguably one of the most scenic lakes in Nepal, Gosaikunda is a sight to behold. It’s a hidden gem with a dreamy natural setting, pristine water, and breathtaking landscapes. The lake feeds on streaming glaciers, making it look more relaxed and refreshing.

Covering an area of 4 sq miles, Gosainkuda shimmers like a crystal in daylight, providing a mesmeric view. That explains why it’s so hard for trekkers to turn a blind eye to the lake and its splendor. Most trekkers who entreat to catch a glimpse of the lake take a long drive to Dhunche from Kathmandu before grappling with the uneven trail.

The famous long-distance route ascends up to 4,380 meters, passing through several villages and foothills. The trail makes its way from Sing Gompa and Lauribina to arrive at the pristine lake.

However, the rugged lanes winding through hills and forests are long-drawn-out and grueling to put up. Irrespective, the hike is quite rewarding, with a picturesque view of Annapurna and Langtang Lirung.

Those who struggle walking the trails or time-crunched take a heli flight to Gosaikunda. The heli tour m escape the routes and catch the view of sky-scraping mountains, famous valleys, and wild forests.

Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour is the alternative way to arrive at the lake without any trekking involved. The trip fills in for the arduous walk and makes the excursion look like a piece of cake. It’ll take merely 30-40 minutes on a flight to arrive at the lake and enjoy splendid views.

The flight will land at Gosaikunda for almost half an hour so that visitors can go on a little tour of the region. Visitors can make the most of the trip by exploring the landscapes, shimmering glaciers, and snow-covered mountains.

Not to forget the sacred Gosaikunda Lake, a famous landmark in the Langtang region. Celebrated as an abode of Hindu deities, Gosaikunda is a beautiful oligotrophic lake between rocky mountains and glaciers.

It lies at an altitude of 4,610 meters on the outskirts of Lauribina La Pass. There are about 108 lakes in the neighborhood that Langtang Valley visitors can savor during the helicopter tour of Gosaikunda. They can even enjoy the beautiful sunrise view over the mountains if they visited before dawn.

The trip allows the visitors to experience both travel and spiritism, with the region boasting enough Tibetan monasteries and Chortens. Trekkers who want to walk the lake can take one of four routes: Rasuwa, Sindhupalchowk, and Nuwakot.

However, that little makes the difference in the excitement and magnificent views that Langtang has to provide its guests. All the trails pass through remote settlements of Tamang people, historical sites, and undulating hills.

Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour comes with the soul-stirring view of Langtang Lirung and Manaslu. Visitors can also witness unique flora and fauna in the sanctuary as it’s home to many wildlife, including Himalayan black bears, snow leopards, and goral.

Best time for Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour

Lying merely 42 miles away from Kathmandu, Gosaikunda is easily accessible any time of the year. But that as it may, the experience might differ from subsequent seasons, offering different flavors and zing of nature.

Autumn is by far trekkers’ favorite season to go on a helicopter tour of Gosaikunda as it offers a pleasant atmosphere. There are practically no chances of flights getting canceled or delayed during the season.

The weather is in full swing throughout autumn with warm sunlight and fresh air. With just a fair amount of heat and cold, trekkers won’t have difficulty coping with the climate even after immediate exposure.

Views are incredibly fabulous at the lake during fall, with a sure sight of Ganesh Himal and Manaslu. While flying over the valley, visitors can notice a breathtaking scene of colorful leaves and sweeping landscapes that appear as a picture postcard.

Trekkers who’re frustrated about not getting to take the helicopter tour of Gosaikunda in autumn can get caught in the splendor of spring. As good as autumn, the season provides breathtaking views with lush-green meadows, wild forests, and charming villages.

There can’t be a better time than spring for a helicopter ride to Gosaikunda. The season offers fine weather with deeply-engaging sceneries to all its visitors flying to the lake. Flyers of Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour can watch the sweeping views across the lake from the sky.

Visitors in spring will witness the best bit of Langtang with green foliage, blooming flowers, and warm daylight. They behold an impressive sight of dazzling Annapurna, Ganesh Himal, Manasu, and many more small peaks.

Gaping down the valley from 12,000 to 17,000 ft. height will provide trekkers a bare sight of vibrant valleys, glacial lakes, and snow peaks. Passengers can even catch a glimpse of soaring hills, colorful villages, and monasteries from the aircraft.

The lake is not too crowded in winter, but trekkers might be struggling with the inclement weather. Poor atmospheric conditions followed by extreme snowfall and foggy view often ignites flight cancelations.

With the temperature dropping below minus Degree Celsius, trekkers will be shivering hard while standing at the brink of the lake. So, if there’s no emergency, it’s better not to take a Gosaikunda helicopter flight during winter.

For that matter, you should even avoid flying to the lake in Monsoon to escape destructive storms and downpours. Following poor visibility, it’s tough for pilots to balance aircraft while flying Gosaikunda in monsoon.

Challenges of Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour

Although charting a private aircraft eliminates many difficulties that occur while trekking Gosaikunda, it doesn’t wipe it out entirely. Trekkers will have to fight against a few odds to reach the lake, including altitude sickness and bitter weather.

1. Weather

The unstable weather in the Himalayas is pretty much a troublemaker no matter where you travel. Unfortunately, it doesn’t spare the trekkers of Gosaikunda either, tossing cold winds and storms. The unpredictable weather backed by the region’s poor environmental condition often compels hikers to impede the trip.

Spring and autumn are still fine for the heli tour of Gosaikunda. But, in winter, trekkers have to combat severe climatic conditions, including heavy snowfall and catastrophic storms. It becomes challenging for aviators to control flight at high altitudes due to fog and mist.

Temperatures in winter can fall up to -9 Degree Celsius in and around Gosaikunda, which makes the weather hard to withstand. Hence, trekkers have to be extra cautious while flying to the lake in winter and monsoon.

Planning the itinerary is a must to prevent altitude sickness during the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour. If it’s feasible, they should rest at lower places to adapt to the weather before approaching the lake.

2. Altitude sickness

Altitude Sickness is common among trekkers of Gosaikunda due to low barometric pressure at the site. With each ascent above the ground level, trekkers are more likely to suffer from the illness.

Those who take a direct flight to the lake are also prone to acute mountain sickness. Therefore, you shouldn’t take the effect of high altitude casually and take preventive measures before flying the site.

As oxygen level is relatively low in and around the lake, it gets tough for travelers to breathe. Mild symptoms like dizziness, nausea, and headache are frequently noticed among visitors of Gosaikunda. It’s for which trekkers should be very careful with their physical health and take their time.

The best possible way to avoid acute mountain sickness is to properly acclimatize and adjust the body to the temperature at the place. Eating a light but high-calorie diet also helps avoid acute mountain sickness.

3. Weight limit

Renting a helicopter might take away the stress of scrambling the 42 miles long trails. But that doesn’t mean you can be unfazed, especially with the total backpack weight. Travelers clearly can’t overweight their backpack and make sure that it’s up to the limit.

The helicopters in Nepal come with a weight restriction, which eventually prevents the travelers from carrying extra apparatus. The average weight that a helicopter allows the passengers to lug is 25 kg.

4. Price

Renting a private helicopter to Gosaikunda can be quite expensive, costing passengers from US$1,200 to US$1,500, depending on the service. If you settle for cheap airlines, then the amenities may not be up to standard. Thereby, you need to be extremely careful while choosing the airline company to book a helicopter. Just to save a few bucks, don’t compromise with the service of the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour.

Personal checklist of Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour?

Although it’s not long-distance trekking and the trip will last barely 30 minutes, you’ll still need plenty of things. Starting with the apparels, visitors must suit themself in warm clothes as the weather is quite bitter near the lake. If you’re taking the trip in winter, you better have an insulated jacket or stout hiking boots.

Look for the outwear that goes with the current weather condition. The weather is freezing in the morning around the region while days are warm. Therefore, we recommend our passengers carry sunscreen to avoid UV rays light.

We would also suggest they bring some snacks with them, including chocolate bars and nuts, to have them when starving. Some of the lists of items that’ll be of great help during your trip to the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour are as follows.

  • Windproof down jacket
  • Lightweight fleece trousers
  • Long sleeve t-shirt
  • Warm gloves and
  • Sunglasses and lip balm
  • Toiletries and hand sanitizer
  • Water Bottle

Safety Measures for Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour

  • Exchanging the seats with fellow passengers is restricted
  • Only approach the flight after the pilot has signaled
  • Strict weight limit to the passengers
  • Don’t smoke or run in the helicopter
  • Be careful while entering and exiting the helicopter
  • Take care of your personal belongings
  • Avoid holding the things above eye level or else it will blow away
  • Secure the seat belt

Health and safety protocols to follow during Covid 19 pandemic

With the surge of coronavirus cases, many travelers have inclined to helicopter for the trip to Gosaikunda these days. To avoid crowds on the trail and stay safe, they prefer taking a heli flight to the lake rather than trekking.

Although the vaccines have started to roll out, there’s still time for things to get back normal so, until then precautions have to be taken. It’s perhaps the reason why travelers are counting on aircraft to visit the popular trek destinations.

There are a few rules that passengers have to follow on the flight to Gosaikunda lake. Some of the safety measures that passengers will have to follow while taking the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour are as follows.

  • Each traveler will have to maintain distance from the other on a flight
  • Travelers will have to avoid the contact
  • Passengers must get their temperature checked before getting on the flight
  • All the flyers will have to wear face protection or mask all the time
  • Both aviators and passengers will sanitize their hand
  • All the crew member on board will be wearing a face shield
  • Limit contact with repeatedly touched surfaces

Why do Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour?

Trekking Gosaikunda is, no doubt, intriguing with superb views and remarkable experience. However, walking the bumpy trails with a series of ups and downs isn’t easy. It’s daunting to keep the speed in the long and steep routes that go all the way up at 4,380 meters high.

Most of the trails walking to the lake are rugged with loose rocks and boulders, making the trek even more challenging. Not just that, the expedition demands a lot of time, with the tour lasting a week and more.

As a result, many trekkers prefer to take a helicopter ride to Gosaikunda and inhibit the difficulties. Those running out of time but want to visit the lake also opt for the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour. Here are a few excuses to back up why travelers favor flying to Gosaikunda over hiking.

1. Easy accessibility

It’s hard to think of any better way than taking a helicopter flight to Gosaikunda for a trouble-free trip. It’s the most comfortable and convenient way to reach the lake without having to navigate endless paths.

Travelers can always count on a private aircraft to arrive at the lake in a short space of time. They can charter the heli whenever they want and even decide to go on a solo or group ride. With the private heli tour of Gosaikunda, travelers won’t have to take a long drive or even walk the trail for just a few bills.

It’s just a matter of half an hour before the trekkers will be gazing at the placid lake of Gosaikunda. They can book the flight online or request the company to do it for them in an instant.

2. Great value and experience

Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour is more about comfort and luxury. It’s about a lot of benefits, including premier service and a travel-friendly atmosphere. Passengers get to decide their flight schedule according to the convenience and hassle.

Unlike commercial flights, they provide incredible service to the customers and ensure that the expectations are met. They’ll take care of your baggage, eliminating the crisis of having to carry it all along.

Travelers are not required to wait in the queue along with several passengers to board the flight. They can quickly get access to the aircraft without any drama. Likewise, when traveling on a private flight, you get an aerial view of towering peaks, verdant woods, and exotic wildlife.

The overflights in the famous landmarks, colorful valleys, and forests are the highlights of the trip. Visitors can’t miss the impressive landscapes alongside picture-perfect villages and undulating cliffs, which look fabulous.

3. No lethargic walks

Long gone the days when trekkers had to endure immense sufferings and torment just to sneak a look at the glistening Gosaikunda lake. Travelers can now take a non-stop trip to Gosaikunda by flight which helps eschew long treks.

They offer extreme comfort and value with satisfying first-class suites that are incredibly comfortable. Instead of meandering through hills and valleys, they directly fly to Langtang valley, providing captivating sceneries.

As the trails stretch 67.5 km from the valley to Langtang National Park, the Gosaikunda trek lasts at least a week. But with the helicopter tour, you can do it in as little as half an hour. There’s no need for trekkers to walk even a single mile to sneak a peek of dazzling Gosaikunda lake.

4. Safety

Safety is the overriding factor for why trekkers opt to fly to Gosaikunda. For the customers’ security, they take preventive measures, which makes the expedition stress-free and enjoyable.

The private helicopter boasts ample safety benefits, including supplemental oxygen and a medical test kit. If the trekkers are continually struggling with their health at high altitudes, they immediately fly them back to the city.

Private jets have better turbulence engines, which allows them to fly above the weather. Hence, despite the bad weather conditions, they can safely transfer you to the region. Whatsmore is that our pilots are professionals and trained for several years.

They are well aware of the climatic conditions in the Himalayas and can easily deal with unfortunate circumstances. Using the experience of years, they’ll fly you safely to and fro the lake.

5. Spacious

It’s safe to say that private charters are relatively more comfortable than regular flights. With limited people on the aircraft, they avoid unwanted chaos and disruption. The airship is large enough to host up to 5 passengers, making the trip accommodating and comfy.

Since there are few passengers onboard, traveling via flight is more relaxing with no disturbance. The seat arrangements are flexible in a private charter with enough rooms for each traveler.

6. Exquisite view

Taking a Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour is unlike anything else, providing impressive sceneries, rich culture, and heritage. The lake itself is a sacred site for Hindu as devotees come to pay their respect.

The heli trip of Gosaikunda offers an astonishing view of dramatic landscapes, fascinating hills, and gorges from 14,000 ft above. Travelers can also keep an eye out on the statuesque small settlements of Langtang.

The atmosphere around the lake is mind-blowing with cool and fresh air. Apart from the trekking season, the place is quiet, with no crowds to be seen anywhere. You can also learn a lot about the culture and lifestyle of the Hyolmo people by walking down to the village.

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