Damodar Kund Nepal By Helicopter

3 Days

Damodar Kund Nepal by Helicopter takes you on tour to the holy lake of Upper Mustang. Every year thousands of worshippers plan to visit this place to wash their sins away.

If you are looking forward to visiting Damodar Kund but do not have time, the Damodar Kund helicopter tour is for you. You travel to the Himalayas of Nepal within a few hour’s time.

About Damodar Kund Nepal

Damodar Kund is a holy lake in the Upper Mustang area in the northern Himalaya range of Annapurna. The Kund is located in the rain shadow area of the restricted region in Nepal.

The Damodar Kund is a prominent lake for Hindu followers on the basin of Damodar Himal. The lake resides in the area of the Tibetan plateau landscape near Tibet.

People believe you should reach this place once in a lifetime and take the holy bath. People say taking a bath here helps forgive all the sins of your current and previous life.

Damodar Kunda lies at an elevation of 4890 m above sea level. Every year during the full moon of August, a big festival is held on the Kunda. Many pilgrimages, both Hindu and Buddhist, visit during this time.

This lake flows and meets up with the Gandaki river making its source. You get to see several peaks from this place, such as Bhrikuti Peak, Muktinath Himal, Damodar Himal, etc.

Highlights of Damodar Kund Nepal By Helicopter

  • Fast trip to Damodar Kund
  • Fly above Mustang, the dessert of Nepal
  • Visit one of the restricted areas of Nepal
  • Fly over the holy temple Muktinath
  • Ride helicopter back and forth the tour
  • Epic view of peaks and landscapes
  • Visit the rain shadow area

Detailed Itinerary of Damodar Kund Nepal by Helicopter

Day 1 :

The starting point depends on where you begin your helicopter journey, i.e., Kathmandu or Pokhara. The main attraction of the Heli tour is Damodar Kund. The heli duration is longer from Kathmandu than from Pokhara.
<h3>Phase 01: Fly to Damodar Kunda via Helicopter</h3>
After waking up, you get ready and wait for the respective representative to pick you up. Entering the vehicle, you drive towards the airport and board the helicopter. The heli ride to Damodar Kund takes about one and half hours from Kathmandu and about one hour from Pokhara.

The helicopter takes off, giving you a breathtaking view of the Annapurna range in the far distance. Then flying for some time, you fly above the Mustang region, seeing the beautiful landscapes.

On this flight, you see several snow-covered peaks and beautiful landscapes. This helicopter tour flies you over the holy temple and popular trekking destinations.
<h3>Phase 02: Explore around Damodar Kunda and worship at the temple</h3>
After about an hour’s ride, you reach the destination, Damodar Kund. The landing time is about <strong>30 minutes</strong>, so you have a short time to explore the area and worship.

The mountains and landscapes look mesmerizing on the backdrop of the Damodar Kund. You get a refreshing feeling as you walk around and visit the nearby areas.
<h3>Phase 03: Fly back to Pokhara</h3>
After exploring for about half an hour, you fly back to Pokhara. The guide will transfer you to the hotel. You can end your journey here, but you can do the 1 Day Pokhara sightseeing tour if you have an extra day.

<h3>Fly back to Kathmandu</h3>
You fly back to Kathmandu after spending some time in the Kund. After arriving at Kathmandu, you will be dropped off at the hotel ending the Damodar Kund Nepal By Helicopter journey.

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Damodar Kund Nepal By Helicopter