Breakfast in Everest View Hotel Helicopter Tour

Nothing is as impressive as watching the lofty mountain ranges, shimmering glaciers, and deep valleys with steep sides from the extreme magnitude. It’s perhaps for which so many trekkers prefer taking a helicopter tour of Everest View Hotel instead of scrambling the trails.

The flight allows visitors to hover thousands-meter above the rolling hills, rocky mountains, and cascading waterfall. It swirls over the stunning Lukla town and famous Namche Bazaar to arrive at the viewpoint, which offers splendid scenery.

Everest View Hotel Helicopter tour is ideal for travellers who’re short on time or don’t want to navigate the long winding trail. It’s also dedicated to visitors who wish to catch a glimpse of wild subtropical forest, primeval villages, and towering ridges.

The tour of Everest View Hotel via helicopter will be done in less than an hour with no hiking at all. Despite excluding the walk-on trail, trekkers will still get to enjoy the beautiful sights of gigantic snow peaks, mountainous plateau, and steep-sided valleys.

Those taking the morning heli tour will be offered an appetizing breakfast at Everest View Hotel. Another perk of taking breakfast in Everest View Hotel Helicopter Tour is the fabulous scenes of Everest that appear right in front of the hotel.

In recent years, there has been a tremendous rise in the number of travellers taking a scenic flight to Everest View Hotel in recent years. It’s partly because the trip gets them at the hilltop in a little time and prevents them from hiking the steep trail.

Highlights of Breakfast in Everest View hotel Helicopter tour

  • Aerial shots of Mt. Everest alongside Nuptse, Ama Dablam, and Kongde Ri
  • Picture postcard villages, amicable locals, and warm welcoming
  • Glimpses of unique landscapes, lush green terrains, and vivacious valleys
  • A short tour of ancient Tibetan monasteries and Choertens
  • Witness deep gorges, shimmering Khumbu Glacier, and serene lakes
  • Explore rich Sherpa culture and lifestyle
  • Delicious and healthy breakfast at Everest View Hotel 

Cost of Breakfast in Everest View Hotel Helicopter Tour

The average cost for chartering a private helicopter for Everest View Hotel Tour ranges from US$950 to US$1000. However, the price for a heli tour may differ depending on the number of passengers taking the flight.

The higher the number of flyers, the lesser the amount for the trip. Apparently, the total number of passengers that a helicopter can accommodate each time it flies to the region is five. Hence, you can’t go over the limit just to reduce the cost of the flight.

For a solo traveller, the helicopter tour of Everest View Hotel can cost up to US$2,200 to US$2,500. However, if you want to travel in a group, we can arrange the members who can accompany you on the flight. Meals are available to passengers taking Breakfast in the Everest View Hotel Helicopter Tour.

Detailed itinerary of Breakfast in Everest View Hotel Helicopter Tour

Day 1 :

Time Duration: 40-45 minutes

Breakfast in Everest View Hotel Helicopter Tour begins with a short and scenic flight from Tribhuvan airport to Syangboche. The trip has us flying over Lukla and Namche, early in the morning, offering impressive views. Flight time from Kathmandu to Everest View Hotel is roughly 10-15 minutes.

Trekkers flying to the viewpoint get to enjoy majestic scenery throughout the journey. The entire time, they’d be sighting the towering hills, beautiful mountain ranges, and steep-sided valleys.

After arriving at Everest View Hotel, you'll get 15 to 20 minutes to take the snap of Mt. Everest and its neighbouring snow peaks Ama Dablam and Thamserku. If you want, you can also take a quick tour of the village or explore ancient Tibetan monasteries and Chortens.

After the sightseeing, you’ll be provided a hearty breakfast in the hotel. You can enjoy the meal while gazing at the sublime beauty of endless mountain ranges and landscapes.
Once you’re done having breakfast, we'll board the flight and head back to the town.The expedition will take another 10 to 15 minutes overflying the famous villages and towns.

Included items

  • Helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Everest View Hotel
  • Purified bottled water
  • Airport and government tax
  • Morning Meal at Everest View Hotel

Excluded Items

  • Personal expenses, including clothing and equipment
  • Pick up and drop from hotel
  • Extra tips to guide
  • Drinks and meals during stay at Kathmandu
  • Travel insurance which covers medical expenses
  • Fare for international flights

Which is the best time for Breakfast in Everest View Hotel Helicopter Tour?

The helicopter tour of Everest View Hotel is enthralling for most of the time, with majestic scenery and blissful weather. That said, the climate varies depending on the season, which likely causes the flight to impede. Winter and Monsoon often have the flight cancelled or delayed due to poor weather.

Everest View Hotel Helicopter Tour

Everest View Hotel Helicopter Tour in Autumn

Autumn wins the contest by miles as the best time for Everest View Hotel as it endures pleasant weather. The season offers a warm climate, making it perfect for taking the heli flight to the region. Days are relatively warmer than the morning with beautiful sunshine, which makes the viewpoint accessible.

It’s a wonderful time to be in the region, with the weather getting cool and breezy. There’s a stunning view everywhere, with forest beaming in different shades of colour leaves. With Monsoon washing the dirt away, you’ll get a crystal clear view of glistening mountains, lofty hills and landscapes.

Everest View Hotel Helicopter Tour in Spring

Spring comes late in the Everest region, with late March seeing the flowers blossom and forests turning green. The weather is warm and moderate during the time, making it easy for pilots to fly the aircraft in the region.

Flights hardly ever get cancelled or abandoned due to foul weather in the season. The settings are picture-perfect, with green hills and terrains that look terrific. Visitors can get a sneak peek of wild animals and birds frolicking in the Sagarmatha National Park.

Weather is clearer than ever during Spring, helping passengers catch a dazzling glimpse of towering mountains and steep cliffs. They get to take a tour of the nearby village and enjoy a hearty meal in Everest View Hotel while relishing the magnificent scenery.

Everest View Helicopter Tour in Winter

Winter starts typically from mid-December and lasts till February in the northeastern part of Nepal. Throughout the season, the weather remains frigid, making it unbearable for travellers. That’s the reason many of them choose to fly to Everest view instead of hiking the endless trail.

As the winter reaches its height in January, it gets freezing cold in the region. While the days are warm and bright, nights are icy. Storms and fog often obstruct visibility and compel aviators to postpone the flights.

If the weather doesn’t get any better, they might even have to cancel the flight, following which visitors won’t be able to watch the mountain ranges. The best part about Everest View Helicopter Tour in winter is the magnificent view that no travellers would like to miss.

With the start of the season, the entire Khumbu valley turns into a winter wonderland. The shiny frozen lakes, blue glaciers, and marvellous fjords put up a great display when watched from the sky. Villages look like a paradise during winter, with rooftops and meadows covered in snow.

Everest View Helicopter Tour in Monsoon

Monsoon is often considered as a low season Everest View Helicopter Tour, following awful weather. The season endures heavy rainfall and wild storms starting from mid-June which often forces the flights to put off.

Storm clouds with monsoon winds often interrupt the flight and make it hard for pilots to get strong visibility. Drenched in the rain, the runway of Lukla airport gets slippery in the season, leading to mishaps. As a result, most travellers avoid taking Everest View Helicopter Tour in Monsoon.

However, if you still insist on visiting the region in Monsoon, then better do it in the morning when the sky is clear. You must take extra precaution, though and stay updated with the weather forecast to have a safe flight.

The highlight of the Everest View Helicopter Tour in Monsoon is the incredible view of snow-covered mountains after rainfall. Average temperature ranges from 5 to 13 Degree Celsius, following which you won’t have to carry heavy and warm clothes.

Similar Helicopter Tour Options

Apart from Everest View Hotel, there are many other landmarks in the Everest region where visitors can take a helicopter ride. Some of them are as follows.

Helicopter Tour from Everest View Hotel to Tengboche

In case you want to extend the trip to Khumbu Valley or explore as far as Tengboche, we can provide the heli tour. It takes just another 10 minutes from Everest View Hotel to Tengboche, which offers a captivating backdrop of Ama Dablam.

At 12,600 ft above sea level, Tengboche has the most primordial Tibetan monasteries where visitors stop to offer prayers. It has many old statues of gods and goddesses, prayer wheels, and gompas.Visitors traveling in October will get to partake in the Mani Rimdu festival and even perform ritual dances.

From atop the hill, they can glare at sweeping Imja Khola and river valleys, which looks incredibly stunning. After the sightseeing, we can fly you back to Kathmandu, which takes around 20 minutes.

Helicopter Tour from Everest View Hotel to Kala Patthar

We can also call it Everest base camp Helicopter tour. One of the major attractions of the Khumbu region, Kala Patthar is an absolute beauty. It offers visitors some most amazing sceneries, including spectacular landscapes, glacial moraines, shimmering mountains, and icefalls.

The flight duration from Everest View Hotel to Kala Patthar is just 15 to 20 minutes. It means you’ll reach the hilltop in a blink to catch the astonishing view of Everest massif, Changtse, and the northern flank of Lhotse.

Visitors will get to watch the shimmering Khumbu Icefall, colourful prayer flags, and pristine lakes during the trip. The inevitable highlands, steep valleys, and moraines make the trip even more exhilarating. After exploring the mountains, we’ll take a scenic flight back to Kathmandu.

Helicopter Tour from Everest View Hotel to Dingboche

For travellers who’re displeased just visiting the Everest View Hotel can rely on our heli service to get atop the hill of Dingboche. The flight helps them avoid steep hills and stone stairs on the way to the village.

From Syangboche, the excursion lasts merely half an hour flying over the wide valleys and gorges to reach the Sherpa village. After landing at Dingboche, you can get a look at Imja Tse, Chukhung Valley, and mountains.

Unlike Lobuche, Dingboche has a few tea houses for trekkers to stop and have lunch. If you want, you can also enjoy the delicious breakfast and lunch here before heading back to the city. Meanwhile the helicopter tour of Everest View Hotel already comes with an organic breakfast for travelers.

Helicopter Tour from Everest View Hotel to Lukla

For trekkers who have trouble walking the rugged path or suffering from altitude sickness, we can use our helicopter service to arrive at Lukla airport. The service is quite convenient as it covers the three-day trail walking for just a few minutes.

It requires merely 10 minutes to reach Lukla from Everest View Hotel. During the entire trip, you’ll get to enjoy the striking view of rolling countryside, quintessential villages, and Tibetan monasteries. From there, you can continue flying back to Kathmandu on the helicopter or take commercial flights.

Why take the Breakfast in Everest View Hotel Helicopter tour?

What beats the steep hills and craggy trails to Everest View Hotel other than the heli flight. Noting that many hikers prefer booking a flight to the viewer rather than walking days-long trails. They take the picturesque flight from Kathmandu to Syangboche to spot rocky mountains, dramatic landscapes, and sweeping hills.

Chartering a helicopter for Everest View Hotel Tour has been a favourite of travellers who want a luxurious escape from the city’s commotion and enjoy beautiful nature. Another perk of hiring a private heli is that you get to choose your flight schedule and travel time.

It seemingly saves you a lot of time as the expedition will be finished within an hour. That’s not all; you’ll even get to enjoy the panoramic view of green meadows, small settlements, and pouring waterfalls.

1. Incredible Sightseeing

Everest View Hotel Helicopter Tour is a perfect choice for those who want to get an eagle-eye view of glistening mountains and geological wonders. An hour-long trip to Everest View Hotel offers the captivating view of as many snow-capped mountains as possible, including Nuptse, Cho Oyu, and Island Peak.

They are designed with large windows which allow passengers to catch the beautiful sight of the river valleys and glaciers. Upon landing at the Everest View Hotel, travellers can check out the spectacular view of Ama Dablam, Nuptse, and Thamserku.

2. Short time travel

Trekking Everest View Hotel from Lukla takes more than two days, with steep hills and rough trails to navigate. But, with Everest View Hotel Helicopter Tour, trekkers will be arriving at the viewpoint in just a couple of minutes.

They’ll be skipping all the jagged trails, which costs a lot of time and gets trekkers exhausted. Hence, the trip is perfect for travellers who are pushed for time or have planned a short holiday in the Himalayas.

3. Personalized travel experience

Accommodation and services matter the most when you’re on a tour of an amazing place like Everest View Hotel. For that, we offer all our passengers standard facilities including spacious rooms so that they can enjoy their expedition. Unlike commercial flights, they won’t have to line up to get on the plane or adjust in a little space.

As we’re committed to providing our customers both comfort and pleasure, the passengers get to savour the marvellous view without any disruption. We also provide a luggage handler and a personal guide to the travellers to know more about the places.

4. Getaway from the crowded trails

It’s a fact that Khumbu trekking trails are crammed with hikers during the peak trekking season. Travellers flooding at Lukla airport from wide across during autumn and Spring makes it hard for individuals to enjoy themself. With most of the dwellings occupied, many of them will be struggling to find the hotels and lodges to stay.

With so many trekkers on the trail, it’s impossible to expect privacy. But, thanks to the Breakfast in Everest View Hotel Helicopter tour, trekkers can easily escape the busy lanes and watch the pristine view of snow-capped mountains and astonishing landscapes- while having a warm meal.

5. Inaccessible destination

Breakfast in Everest View Hotel Helicopter Tour allows travellers to visit places that are hard to reach on foot. Compared to commercial flights that only take you as close to Lukla, private heli gives access to the remotest part of the Everest region. If you want, you can extend the trip and fly as far as Everest Base Camp to get the best snap of Mt. Everest.

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Breakfast in Everest View Hotel Helicopter Tour